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Cannot communicate with Chromecast: this is how you solve it

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You cannot communicate with Chromecast? Sometimes it can happen that there is a problem that throws a spanner in the works. These could be the solutions. In this article we will discuss some common problems, all of which can be solved. So quickly read what your options are.

Cannot communicate with Chromecast to resolve? Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is active and switch to the 5GHz band if necessary Chromecast has support for this. Always install the latest updates for you Chromecast and purchase an HDMI extension cable to improve reception.

There are few things as annoying as home appliances that don't cooperate. And because we install more and more devices nowadays, more and more can go wrong. Especially since many devices work together or sometimes depend on each other.

That is also evident in the case of the Chromecast. This device depends on a TV or monitor, router and a smartphone or tablet, just to name a few. When the Chromecast not working properly, it could be due to several things.

Cannot communicate with Chromecast

And then all of a sudden you find yourself in that situation: you can't communicate with Chromecast. What can you do about that? Well, the first step is to check the Wi-Fi connection. Check whether the device still has the most recent password for your home network (click here for that).

Chromecast in tv / Cannot communicate with Chromecast
Image: Google (press image)

It is also possible that you may be using two networks in your home and the source device is on a different network than the Chromecast. So also check the settings of your smartphone, tablet or laptop and check whether it is on exactly the same network as the Chromecast.

Can't remember your WiFi password? Sometimes you will find this on the bottom of your router or modem or otherwise in the supplied booklet (provided you do not change the password). If you have a mesh network, you can simply find that password in the app of your local network.

Furthermore, you can always go back to the factory settings and the device reinstall. That way you know for sure Chromecast and smartphone end up on the same network. If it still doesn't work, you can switch to a more technical solution.

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Using the 5GHz connection

Chromecastmodels from the second generation support the 5 GHz band on routers and modems. However, sometimes it can be difficult to get the device to connect to it. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem, which we describe in general terms below.

  1. Disable the 5GHz connection on your router first
  2. Give your 2.4GHz band the same name and password as your 5GHz band
  3. Set the Chromecast now in such a way that it connects to the 2.4GHz network (which therefore has the same name as the 5GHz variant)
  4. Now get the Chromecast off the stream
  5. Give the 2.4GHz network back its old name
  6. Re-enable the 5GHz connection on your router
  7. Plug in the Chromecast in the socket

Note: You use a different method for this per router. If you search for the settings as described above, you should be able to find it.

De Chromecast will automatically connect to that other frequency from now on. This only works when both frequencies share the same password. You fool the Chromecast as it were, because the device 'thinks' it is connecting to the old network, but that is not the case.

Chromecast Incredibly
Street: Wesley Akkerman

Before you start, however, you might want to consider unplugging the router for a while. Then unplug it, wait about thirty seconds and plug it back in. This fixes common router issues, so it may include this issue.

Buy an extension cable

Normally the Chromecast neatly behind your television. Eliminating this can have a disadvantage: the signals can be blocked. So you can use the Chromecast best try to move, by purchasing and using an hdmi extension cable.

You can use Google's extension cable or buy your own. The standard cable is probably still too short, so it's a good idea to get a long model. You Chromecast may be visible, but the problems may have been resolved.

Update you Chromecast

Okay, you can't communicate with Chromecast and have tried everything. But have you already looked at the firmware update? Google automatically rolls out updates, but sometimes an update may not arrive or may take a while because they are being rolled out in phases.

Therefore, always check which version number your Chromecast and what is the most recent firmware version that Google has rolled out. You do this as follows:

  1. Go to the Chromecastsupport page and find the latest firmware version
  2. connect Chromecast with the same network as your smartphone
  3. Open the Google Home app
  4. Tap on you Chromecast
  5. Tap the gear icon at the top right
  6. Now scroll down and find the version number
  7. Compare both version numbers
Google Chromecast with Google TV
Image: Google (press image)

If the numbers do not match (ie: the number on the Google page is higher than on your Chromecast), then you have a version that is out-of-date. You can force an update, here's how:

  1. Tap on you again Chromecast within Google Home
  2. Open the settings and tap on the three dots
  3. Here you will find an option for restarting
  4. Tap on that and let the Chromecast go ahead
  5. If a new firmware version is available (in the Netherlands), the update will be downloaded automatically
  6. After restarting you can compare the version numbers again

These are the most common problems with a Chromecast and their solutions. This applies to all Chromecasts. The first version of the Chromecast does not have a 5GHz connection, so that option is only available from the second generation and everything released after that.

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