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Best browser for Chromebook: all options in a row

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By default, the Chrome browser is of course installed on Chromebooks, but there are many more possibilities. In this article a list with the best browser for a Chromebook. With of course also a number of good Chrome alternatives.

Chromebook browser

Chromebooks turn on Chrome OS, the operating system. This is based on Linux, which fortunately gives you the option to choose alternative browsers.

Nowadays there are many browser available for it Chromebooks, however, most users still opt for the standard solution: Chrome.

Chrome is Google's browser and has the largest market share worldwide. This browser has good integration with Chrome OS, but there are also absolutely good alternatives available.

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The standard for Chromebooks:Chrome

As the name suggests, the Chrome browser is the default browser for Chromebooks running on Chrome OS. There can be several reasons why you don't want or can't use it. That's you Chromebook for example, too old or you no longer receive updates, or you just don't like working with Chrome.

Before I deal with the other options, the default browser first Chromebooks.


Chrome browser

Standard for Chromebooks
Chrome logo browser

Chrome is the most popular browser in the world at the time of writing and is used by many tens of millions of people every day.

The creator of the Chrome browser is Google and it is therefore not surprising that this is the default option for it Chromebooks.

The big advantage of Chrome is that you have many extensions and add-ons available to extend the functionality. Consider, for example, ad blockers, but also apps to improve YouTube or display websites, for example.

Chrome is installed by default on a Chromebook, but if you can't find the app, you can install or open it via the link below.

Best browser for Chromebooks: Chrome alternatives

Are you looking for another browser for you ChromebookFortunately, there are plenty of options. The installation is also a lot easier than before. In general, all apps can now be installed from the Play Store.

But let's start with the list: an overview of the best Chromebook current browser.


Mozilla Firefox

Browser Chromebook - Firefox

Firefox from Mozilla has been on the market for years and has undergone considerable development. This browser is available for many platforms, including Android and Chrome OS. It is therefore certainly an interesting alternative if Chromebook browser.

There are two versions of Firefox that you can install on Chromebooks: one is the Android app, easily via the Play Store, but the desktop version is also available. Depending on your model, I would initially test the Android version, mainly because the installation is simple.

The button below links to the Android version, if you want to install the Firefox desktop app, you need some more instructions. You can find these here, but please note: you need some technical knowledge to get this done.

Get up Chromebook
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Official version of Office 365
Suitable for Chromebook
Can also be used in browser

Brave Browser

Brave is a relatively new browser, based on Chrome. However, the makers of Brave have made quite a few adjustments, adding many extra (privacy) options. Personally, I'm a fan of Brave for a few different reasons.

In particular, the focus on privacy and the built-in ad and tracker blocker make Brave interesting as Chromebook browser. In addition, Brave is nice and fast and you also get all the goodness of Chrome.

In addition, it is possible to earn money with Brave. Through Brave Rewards you can choose to receive regular notifications containing an advertisement. If you enable this option (completely voluntary) you can choose to distribute this money to the websites you visit often, or to have it paid to yourself in crypto (BAT).

Brave is therefore an interesting and above all complete browser that can be easily downloaded from the Play Store.



browser Chromebook Opera

Opera has been running on the browser market for many years and nowadays offers a wide range of possibilities and options. It is definitely an interesting browser for that Chromebooks.

For example, Opera is known for being nice and fast, but more and more new functions have been added. Consider, for example, an integrated chat function, but also – praised by many – a free VPN.

With Opera you install a fast, secure browser with the necessary privacy functions, including a VPN. Fortunately, the installation is also very easy here via the Play Store.

Even more options

There are many browsers available today, but not all of them are 100% suitable Chromebooks. In addition, the installation is sometimes cumbersome, such as Microsoft Edge. That is why I left it off the list. Still, there are a number of options that I would like to mention, if you don't see anything in the above choices.

Dolphin Browser

The Dolphin Browser is a very popular app for Android. With a claimed 150 million downloads, it is one of the most downloaded apps.

Dolphin has a number of features, such as a built-in ad blocker, lots of add-ons, and personalized search.

At the time of writing, the browser has not had an update for a while (almost a year). Whether that makes it the best choice, I just think so. But if you want to try Dolphin, you can Through this link.

Ghostery browser

De Ghostery browser has a big focus on privacy, going a little further than 'the rest'. It is possible to indicate exactly who has access to your data.

In addition, Ghostery also offers paid options to further expand the functions. If this sounds interesting, this privacy browser for Chrome OS is too download from the Play Store.

With this list on Chromebook browsers you always have to find a suitable option. Of course you can always choose the default browser: Chrome.

Even more Chromebook-APPS

There are many apps for it Chromebooks available nowadays, but sometimes it is difficult to choose. That's why we have one list of interesting apps made for Chrome OS users, which you can download from the Play Store, among others.

On a Chromebook you can for example Spotify, Office 365, Whatsapp, Fortnite, Roblox en Minecraft to install.

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