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Chromecast lagging: 5 solutions in a row

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Nothing is as annoying as one Chromecast it falters when you are just streaming. There are several reasons why a Chromecast falters in this article I list the solutions for you.

Chromecast falters

There are many reasons why one Chromecast falters, for example, this can be due to the quality of the connection, the apps you use or the screen you stream to.

In this article a number of general and some more specific solutions. Still not quite figured it out, for you Chromecast for example it doesn't, if you sees it Chromecast icon not, then we have finished Chromefans many solutions and guides. Check out an overview of all our products here Chromecastarticles with tips.

Chromecast with Google TV
Image: Chromefans

Solution for stuttering and buffering Chromecast

Below is a list of possible solutions for one Chromecast that stutters and buffers. Not everything may apply to your situation, but go through the steps from the beginning where possible. This way you will eventually find the solution for you Chromecast-problem.


Check your WiFi connection

This one may be very obvious, but one of the most common causes why a Chromecast falters is wifi connection.

To test this, there are a few things you can do. Below are a number of basic steps in a row.

  • Activity on the Wi-Fi network – A lot happens on today's WiFi networks: streaming, downloading, broadcasting live and much more. That is why it is good to first check that no network-intensive tasks are being performed. Perhaps another family member is just downloading or uploading something.
  • Good connection - Has the Chromecast a good WiFi connection? Or is the range just a little less? Depending on the position of the router, the Chromecast just doesn't have enough range, so it occasionally falters.
  • Check other devices – Try starting a stream on your smartphone, tablet or laptop or Chromebook. Do you also suffer from delays and hitches? Then it is your WiFi connection and not the Chromecast itself or apps.
  • Watch WiFi channels – Maybe your neighbors just got a new router, or other WiFi settings, so your WiFi channels are extra busy. You can check this with, for example, the apps Wifi Analyzer (Android) or Network Analyzer (iPhone/iPad)

If it is your WiFi connection, it may be a solution to move the router closer to the Chromecast to place, or the Chromecast possibly to be connected via a fixed Ethernet cable. You may have one there ethernet adapter required, but make sure you buy it for the right model!

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Lower the quality of streaming

If your WiFi connection is not sufficient for 4K (with the Chromecast with Google TV) or full HD, it is possible to lower the quality of the streaming. Then less bandwidth is simply needed to cast the stream without a hitch.

There is no setting on the Chromecast yourself to adjust the image quality, so you have to do this per app. Below I have YouTube taken as an example, but these settings can be found in most apps, such as Netflix en Videoland.

Chromecast faltering quality setting

Cast locally

A big advantage of the Chromecast, is that once the stream has started, the Chromecast is connected to the internet itself and can therefore cast directly to the TV. So there is no other device in between.

But if the Chromecast falters, it is possible that the connection to the internet is not optimal. Fortunately, the Chromecast also the ability to cast locally. That means there are files directly to the Chromecast can be sent over the local network. This way you are not dependent on external apps and the quality of your internet connection.

To do this you will of course need local (video) files and a program to enable local casting. Personally I am a fan of this VLC, which makes it easy to view local files on the big screen.

Cast locally to Chromecast with VLC: this is how it works

VLC with Chromecast

Update your apps

Another reason for a faltering Chromecast, could be an app that is out of date. Then there may be a bug in the app, or there is another reason why it does not work optimally.

To fix this, simply update the app in the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iPad and iPhone. This sounds like a very simple solution, but I have seen several cases where this was the solution to the problem.


Reset Chromecast

If the above solutions do not provide a solution, it is still an option to use the Chromecast to reset. It is more likely that it is due to your WiFi network, but if you are sure that this is not the case, a reset can still offer a solution.

Around the Chromecast To reset, follow the steps below.

Chromecast reset
Step-by-step plan for a Chromecast perform a reset.
Stop the Chromecast into the TV (HDMI) and the power outlet
Make sure you Chromecast connected and wait a minute for it to boot up completely.
Find the button on the Chromecast yourself
On the Chromecast there is a small button, which is somewhere else on each model. In In this article you will find some pictures which show where it is in the different models.
Hold down this button
Press this button for 10-30 seconds.
Wait for the blinking lights
Old(er) versions: Depending on the model, the lamp will flash. This is in the color red or white, if you see this, you can let go.

Chromecast 3, 4 (with Google TV) and Ultra: On these models, the light will first flash orange, you have to hold it until the white light turns on.
Wait a few minutes and then you can Chromecast reset again.

With these 5 possible solutions, the hitches should be solved. If this is not the case, the solutions and guides below might still help in your specific case.

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  1. Hallo,
    Here it worked Chromecast not even after a new Samsung Galaxy s10e was purchased.
    Even the well-functioning tablet and mobile phones started to falter as soon as I came close with the Samsung Galaxy s10e.
    Did the Samsung Galaxy s10e consume too much bandwidth on the 2,4GHz band?
    Now it works again: after the settings in the Samsung Galaxy s10e in WiFi and router management were adjusted to combine the 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz, it runs like a charm again.

    P. Schomaker

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