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Connect Chromecast to hotspot: the only method that works

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Can you do a google Chromecast connect to hotspot? A hotspot is an internet point that you can create with a mobile phone or tablet, for example. There are also special devices that fully function as a hotspot for all devices that benefit from it.

Chromecast connect to wifi hotspot? Around the Chromecast To connect to a hotspot, you need at least one and for certain models two smartphones. Set up the hotspot on a smartphone and set the Chromecast by choosing this Wi-Fi network. Keep in mind that you have to add this network manually. How do you Chromecast you can read in this step-by-step plan.

Chromecast does not work
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Chromecast connect to hotspot

De Chromecast is a very useful device. When that thing is on the same network as your computer or smartphone, for example, and is linked to a screen, you can effortlessly stream content to it. Videos, livestreams, music, it does not matter.

You therefore need a point at which the internet traffic converges. This is also called a router.

Via the local internet connection the Chromecast and the smartphone 'see' each other. And because that is possible, content can be sent from one device to another.

You can use this hotspot in a hotels or on the camping. This way you can still stream with the Chromecast, without Wi-Fi.

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But what about when you use a hotspot? You Chromecast connecting to hotspot is not officially a feature that Google supports.

However, you can use the functionality by using a second smartphone or by entering data manually.

If this all sounds a bit vague, no problem. In this article we explain what you need to know exactly.

Before you get a Chromecast can connect to a hotspot, you still have to reset it, provided you have already installed it at home.

Using two phones

Let's first look at the scenario where you use two smartphones. Not everyone has two smartphones in their pocket, of course, but if you're on a business trip, chances are you have a second phone in addition to your own personal phone.

However, that second phone can also just be a tablet or a laptop that you also carry with you. The second phone acts as a router and is therefore the link between the Chromecast and the source from which to cast. Anyway, let's get started.

  1. Plug the Chromecast in a screen (and possibly in the socket).
    1. Is this the same Chromecast that you also use at home, then you have to reset it.
  2. Turn off the WiFi on your second phone and turn on the hotspot. To do this, search for 'hotspot' on your phone. You can often find the settings under your Wi-Fi and network options. Activate it, give it a name and password (so that everyone does not suddenly use your data) and put your phone aside for a while.
  3. Now connect your first smartphone (or tablet or laptop) to the hotspot of your second phone.
  4. On the device that isn't the hotspot, use the Google Home app to complete the setup.
  5. When prompted for a Wi-Fi network, select the network of the hotspot.
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Use one phone

Je Chromecast connecting to hotspot also works when using one phone. This works with the Chromecast Ultra.

Although you have to pay attention during setup, this is much easier in the end. Moreover, now you don't have to carry an extra device with you.

  1. Turn off your WiFi just to be safe.
  2. Turn on the hotspot. To do this, search for 'hotspot' on your phone. You can often find the settings under your Wi-Fi and network options. Activate it and give it a name and password (so that everyone does not suddenly use your data).
  3. Open the Google Home app and install the Google Chromecast (don't forget to include it reset!).
  4. Now don't tap too quickly during the installation. Because you will probably notice that your hotspot network cannot be found in the list of available networks.
  5. Therefore, scroll through the WiFi list and select the option for other networks.
  6. Enter the name of the network here, as well as the password.
  7. If you have entered the data correctly, the Chromecast can now connect via your smartphone.

Chromecast hotspot: things to keep in mind

Keep in mind that when you stream content via your smartphone, it costs data. If you don't have an unlimited internet subscription for your smartphone, you'll have to keep an eye out. You can also choose to lower the image quality.

It may be that the Chromecast while downloading an update. That also means that data is used again, whether you want it or not.

So make sure you always have the most recent update (although an update may still become available).

Finally, two things: keep in mind that your internet speed can affect the image quality.

It is also true that this functionality is not officially supported and can therefore always be switched off. Until then you can just watch what you want, where you want.

De Chromecast has different connections, but which one do you have actually needed? If you can't manage to communicate with Chromecast, then there are some solutions available. Do you want it real quick wifi network changes, then proceed as follows.

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