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Chromecast without wifi: this is the only option that works

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Can you Google the Chromecast use without wifi? Fortunately, that answer is a 'yes' and in this article we explain what you want to know about it. So if your WiFi doesn't work at home for a while, you can fall back on two options.

Chromecast use without Wi-Fi

De Chromecast is a handy device for your television that allows you to send the image from a computer or smartphone to a television or screen. And if you Chromecast built-in, you can also forward audio and video to soundbars, media players and smart speakers.

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The link between the source and target device is done through the local Wi-Fi network. But what if your WiFi network is down and you really want to watch a video (film, series or your own material) on your smartphone? Fortunately, there are still options you can fall back on.

Can you get a Chromecast use without wifi? Of course, you can also use these options when you are in an environment with a poor WiFi connection, such as a hotel room. You plug you Chromecast box, grabs your phone and can use one of the two options below.

Chromecast without Wi-Fi

Chromecast without WiFi: 2 options

Where it was previously possible to use the Chromecast without using WiFi through guest mode, that is unfortunately no longer possible. Google no longer supports this option for current software versions of the Chromecast.

Fortunately, that does not mean that you always need WiFi, there are two more methods to cast without WiFi.

Before explaining the options, let me first define "Wi-Fi". This is sometimes used colloquially as a synonym for (fixed) internet. Wifi is officially the wireless network with which you connect with your smartphone, laptop or Chromecast.

Below are two options that do not require wireless internet, but still require an active fixed or mobile connection.

Chromecast with Google TV HD

1. Chromecast without wifi via hotspot

In the first method for the Chromecast without wifi you need a smartphone or other mobile data device (such as a mifi router).

You turn your smartphone (or mifi) into a hotspot, so that it serves as a router/wifi. This way you can connect to your Chromecast and still stream to the TV, but with a mobile connection.

Although the hotspot method can be very useful, it also uses a relatively large amount of data. So also keep an eye on your data bundle, it would be a shame if you suddenly have a lot of extra costs.

Follow the steps below to get your Chromecast without connecting wifi to a hotspot.

Chromecast without Wi-Fi: hotspot
Around the Chromecast without using Wi-Fi via a hotspot, you must follow the steps below.
You need:

1. Chromecast
2. TV (or screen) with HDMI port
3. Power point (socket)
4. Smartphone/tablet (2x) with at least 1x mobile data.
Plug you Chromecast in the television
Shut up Chromecast to the TV (or other display) on the HDMI port. Also make sure that the plug is in the socket.
Reset you Chromecast
Make sure you get the Chromecast completely reset, because you will completely reinstall it. Need help with, check out our Chromecast reset explanation.
Turn on the hotspot of one of your smartphones/MiFis
Make sure your hotspot is turned on on your smartphone. You can read how to do this here for android en here for iPhone/Apple. Once your Wi-Fi network is broadcast from the hotspot, you can proceed to the next step.
Open the Google Home app and set the Chromecast in
Open the Google Home app and launch it process for the Chromecast configure.
Choose your hotspot for the WiFi network
When selecting the WiFi network, choose your hotspot WiFi address. This way you connect to the internet.
Start casting
Once the installation is complete, you can start casting. Do you have a Chromecast with Google TV (4K or HD) then you can download the remote control of the Chromecast to use. If you have a different model without a remote control, you will need a second smartphone/tablet. Make sure it is also connected to the same hotspot.

In this way you can use the Chromecast stream to tv without wifi. Useful!

2. Chromecast over Ethernet

If you don't have WiFi or a mobile connection at your disposal, you can also use the fixed internet connection with a cable.

You then need an Ethernet cable (internet cable) that you connect from your router/modem to the TV (or the location of your Chromecast) have lying around.

Then you need to buy an accessory so that you can use your Chromecast can connect via Ethernet.

Do you happen to have the Chromecast Ultra, then you're in luck, it's included. If you have a different model, you will have to buy a different plug. For the Chromecast with Google TV, you can find it here. For the older models (with micro USB) can you use this.

If you have such a plug with ethernet, you can plug in your internet cable here Chromecast, after the reset, can be set via the Google Home app.

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Chromecast guest mode

With the Chromecast guest mode, you could easily give others access to your streaming device via a pin code. This way you could also stream to the TV without being connected to the same WiFi network.

Officially, Google supports the Chromecast guest mode is no more, so this is unfortunately no longer an option. If you still want to cast without WiFi, the two options above are the only option!

No Guest Mode (more) for the Chromecast

Unfortunately, there is no official guest mode for the Chromecast more. It used to be possible to connect via a PIN code, however offers Google no longer supports this.

Do you want on the Chromecast with Google TV streaming without wifi, then you can connect via a hotspot.

Chromecast setup without wifi

Do you want to see the Chromecast set up without WiFi, you can use the same options as mentioned above: namely via the hotspot method or with an Ethernet adapter for the Chromecast.

If you want to do the setup without WiFi, you can follow the same steps as above to finally stream to the TV without WiFi.

do you have wifi?

Do you have no problems with WiFi in your home and do you want the Chromecast use it for what it is intended for? Take our Chromecast installation guide then go on. If you do have WiFi problems, you can try to fix it change wifi network. But without WiFi, the device can also be used.

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