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Fortnite up Chromebook: This is how you can play this game

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Do you want on Fortnite Chromebook to play? Then we have good news: because you can. It can even be done in two ways and we will discuss both ways in this article. You can download the game via publisher Epic Games or game streaming service Nvidia Geforce Now.

Do you want on Fortnite Chromebook to play? Then we have good news: because you can. It can even be done in two ways and we will discuss both ways in this article. You can download the game via publisher Epic Games or game streaming service Nvidia Geforce Now.

Fortnite as an Android application

All Chromebook released after 2017 support Android applications. Since Fortnite was released for Android, we can install the game very easily. However, if you expect that this can be done via the Google Play Store, then you are wrong.

The game is not available in the Google Play Store due to a dispute between publisher Epic Games and platform holder Google. The lawsuit is broader than that (including Apple is involved in that battle), so we will not focus on that for now. That is irrelevant to this task.

To have Fortnite as an Android application on your Chromebook to get it, you have to jump through two hoops. First, we need to make sure you Chromebook apps can install from sources besides the Google Play Store. You then, fortunately simply, proceed as follows.

  1. Go to your settings Chromebook
  2. Go to the application settings
  3. Go to the security section
  4. Here you will find the option to accept apps that can be downloaded and installed outside of Google Play
  5. You need to move the sliders under Unknown Sources to the right

For your own safety, it is wise to reverse this setting after installing Fortnite. So don't forget to do that when you're done.

Via: Epic Games

Fortnite up Chromebook to install

Now we can get on Fortnite Chromebook download and install. For that, go to the Epic Games website, on hey Chromebook, and hit the big download button. The installation file (called an apk) will now be sent to your downloads folder.

  1. Now go to your downloads folder via the launcher and choose Files
  2. Open the installation file and confirm that you want to install the Fortnite app
  3. Please wait for the installation to complete
  4. Now Fortnite is on you Chromebook; you'll find it in the launcher, among the other apps
  5. Open the game by tapping the app icon; log in and you can start playing

So now you have the Fortnite Android application Chromebook installed. But there is another method that does not require you to jump through these hoops. Unfortunately, the answer is not Google Stadia (that would be far too easy), but game streaming service Nvidia Geforce Now.

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Fortnite through Geforce Now

The Geforce Now game streaming service has a web client that lets you stream games to a variety of browser-enabled devices. So also Chromebooks. That's great for people with less powerful hardware or who don't feel like changing all kinds of settings.

Geforce is a subscription game streaming service. But you can also choose to take a free account, but then you have to wait your turn. When it gets busy on Nvidia's servers, paying customers get priority. That's something to remember.

In addition, the free account has another disadvantage: you can only play for one hour per day. You can then play a number of Fortnite games Chromebook play, but it may not be enough. Anyway, check the Nvidia website for all costs and benefits of the subscriptions.

Gaming this way also has a number of advantages:

  • You can game with keyboard en mouse
  • You don't need to download anything
  • You can start playing right away

Start playing

After you have created an account, it is important to add Fortnite to your library. The game is completely free, so you don't have to pay anything for it. Find the game using the search bar and add it by pressing the + button. Now the game is in your personal library.

In the sequel you will find a large button at Fortnite, with which you can start the game. You will then immediately enter the game. Since this is a game streaming service, the game is loaded in the cloud. That means you don't need to install or download anything.

What you should take into account is that you must have a fast internet connection. You need a speed of at least 15 Mbp/s for minimal graphics and 25 Mbp/s for much better graphics settings. In the Netherlands, the average internet speed is 15,3 Mbp/s.

Op Chromebook of course you can do much more apps download. And otherwise you can get there in different ways on gaming. For example, you can also play Roblox and Minecraft on one Chromebook play.

Image: Epic Games

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