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Google Nest Hub reset: this step-by-step plan always works

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Wesley Akkerman

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Having an Google Nest Hub Performing a reset is not very difficult. But we can imagine that you don't know exactly where to start. That is why in this article we explain everything you want to know, so that the reset process runs smoothly.

Despite the fact that the Google Nest Hub is a nice addition to your smart home, things can still go wrong. For example, it may happen that commands are not registered properly or that there is a problem with the internet connection, for example.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes not always clear which problem exactly is causing the problem. If the Nest Hub does not have internet, you will immediately see this on screen, but that does not apply to all problems. Sometimes it can therefore be a good idea Google Nest Hub perform a reset.

Another reason for the Google Nest Hub reset is when you want to resell it. You don't want traces of your own data to be left behind when someone else starts working with the hardware. Whatever your reason, resetting can help.

Google Nest Hub
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Google Nest Hub reset

De Google Nest Hub Performing a reset is done in no time. But not everyone knows exactly how to perform that reset. That is why we have drawn up a handy and clear - and also short - step-by-step plan below. This is how you reset the Nest Hub.

Google Nest hub reset steps
This is how you run the Google Nest Hub reset out.
Press and hold both the volume up and volume down buttons for ten seconds.
You can find the button on the back of the Google Nest Hub. It's a long, narrow button that you can feel with your fingers when you can't slide the Nest Hub forward. If that is possible, you can of course move the screen a bit to locate the buttons.
A warning will now appear on the screen.
The Nest Hub now displays a warning on the front screen. You read there that you are about to reset the device (or bring it back to factory settings). Since we want to do this, we can ignore the warning.
Keep pressing the buttons.
You keep pressing the buttons until the screen goes out and the device restarts. Congratulations: then it's the Google Nest Hub reset completed.
Now you can reset the device through the Google Home app.

Differences between reset and reboot

De Google Nest Hub Performing a reset is a handy tool that eliminates all problems - at least temporarily. But it is also quite persistent as you not only lose all personal data but also have to reset the device.

That's why we recommend restarting the device first. Disabling smart devices and enabling them can also solve problems, although this is not guaranteed. In any case, it is a mini rigorous step than doing the rest immediately.

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Unfortunately, the Google Nest Hub no buttons for turning the device on and off. That's why you have to pull the plug out of the socket (or the device) and plug it back in. The Nest Hub boots itself up immediately after it gets power again.

Google Nest Hub
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You can also control the reboot through the app that downloads on Android en iOS. Open the Google Home app and tap the Google Nest Hub. Now tap on the gear icon and then on the three dots at the top right. Now press Restart.

Options for the Google Nest Hub

If everything works again, you will once again have access to all options that the Nest Hub offers. This way you can connect it effortlessly the Eufy doorbell example and otherwise you can also use a integration with Ring realize. And so there are still over a hundred options readily available.

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