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Microsoft Teams on Chromebook: the only explanation you need

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You can download Microsoft Teams on a Chromebook to use. This can be done in two ways. You are not required to install an app if you don't need it. In this article we explain what your options are and which two ways you can proceed.

In the time of the global pandemic, the number of programs and applications with which you communicate with colleagues and fellow students at home has increased considerably. There are many apps that make this possible, for example Skype or Whatsapp of Zoom. Another popular program for this communication is without Microsoft Teams.

That's why it's good to know that you have Microsoft Teams on Chromebook can use. This way you can talk about the lessons with school and fellow students, even follow the lessons and ask questions to your teacher. You can also discuss important work matters with your colleagues, of course.

The great thing about Microsoft Teams is that it is an incredibly extensive program. You chat via text, via image or audio and can even follow webcasts without having to create an account. In addition, it doesn't matter which system you use for Teams, thanks to the broad compatibility. You can see that this is also often used on a Chromebook for school, but of course also for business meetings.

Microsoft Teams on one Chromebook
Image: Microsoft, Google Play Store

Microsoft Teams on one Chromebook

You can download Microsoft Teams on a Chromebook for example use it as a web application. You do not need to install an app for this. The web version can be used via browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and functions much the same as the company's app.

You do need an account to get started. This can be a personal Microsoft account, but also an account provided by your employer or school. It is therefore important to know which account you need, but a contact person can help with that.

Get up Chromebook
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Official version of Office 365
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Can also be used in browser

You even have the option to install Microsoft Teams as a web app on you Chromebook. This way the program gets its own window and you can receive notifications, for example. This way you can be sure that you don't miss anything that happens in the program - it functions just like an app.

Teams up Chromebook (WEB)
With this explanation you can start Microsoft Teams Chromebook easy to use over the web.
Go to the Teams login page
In your Chrome browser, navigate to your Chromebook to the Microsoft Teams login page.
Login with correct account
Now you need to log in with the correct account. You may be asked for another code as part of two-step verification. If you're doing this for school or work, you've probably been made aware of this.
Just call/chat
After logging in you can use Microsoft Teams on a Chromebook use.
Optional: create shortcut
You can choose to install the app. You do that by one shortcut to create.
Microsoft Teams on one Chromebook
Image: Microsoft, Google Play Store

Microsoft Teams on one Chromebook as app

The other option is simply installing the Microsoft Teams Android app. This is not the very best communication service experience. The interface is not optimized for tablet screen. It's more reminiscent of a bloated smartphone interface.

Anyway, maybe you just prefer to work with an app. That can be good for the overview. The Microsoft Teams app will then be in your list of other installed applications and will always be available when you need it. Then you don't have to deal with web versions.

Teams up Chromebook (APP)
In addition to the web version of Teams, you can also install the app. This generally brings a little more ease of use, especially if you use the app more often.
Open the Play Store on your Chromebook
Find and open the Google Play Store on your Chromebook
Search Microsoft Teams in the search field
Search the Play Store for Microsoft Teams by typing it in the search box. On this link you can also click.
Click on Microsoft Teams and press the install button.
Click on Microsoft Teams and find the install button. Press this and the apps will open on you Chromebook be installed.
Open the app and log in
On Microsoft Teams on you Chromebook and log in with the correct details.

And that's pretty much it. From that moment on you can use Microsoft Teams on a Chromebook using an app. The great thing about this method is that you are not dependent on a completely filled screen. You can leave the Teams screen on the side.

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Then you still benefit from the fact that this is secretly a smartphone app. The entire interface is suitable for a smartphone screen size, so you can sit comfortably on the side of your Chromebookscreen can be placed. This way you will have enough space elsewhere for other things, while in the meantime you will still be able to see what is happening within the program.

Chromebook rear end
Via: | Roonz-nl, C.C

What is the best option now?

We've made no secret of the fact that Microsoft Teams is on a Chromebook works best as a web application. So if you want to use the program on your Chromebook, then you would do well to open the web version. The app is really secondary to the web experience viz.

In addition, you can still open, minimize and maximize Microsoft Teams in a separate window - as if it were an application. This way you decide how full your screen will be. Furthermore, it is also possible to Skype on one Chromebook to use. Are you looking for another communication service? Then consider Zoom.

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