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Netflix download Macbook: this method does work

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If you don't have internet for a while, but you still want to Netflix there are now possibilities to watch movies and series offline. But what if you wonder, Netflix download Macbook, is that possible? Then you will find out that this is not just possible. Yet there is a way… Exactly that way Netflix I will explain here to watch offline on a Macbook.

Netflix download

There are many Netflixapps available, for many devices. Like for example one iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android, Xbox, PlayStation and many more. But there is no app for Mac…

But what if you still want to download the app to watch movies and series offline on your Macbook, for example.

Introduced in 2019 Netflix the ability to watch content offline. This suddenly made it possible, for example, to watch your favorite series in an airplane or in a place with poor internet.

This can also be useful if, for example, your data bundle is limited and you still want to Netflix want to stream. Netflix Downloading is very simple in itself and works in all (official) apps of the streaming services.

If you ended up here, then you will Netflix download on a Macbook and you found out that this is not just possible. That's why I'd like to explain how you can still watch without internet on Mac OS.

In this article I also explain how (and whether) you can use the Netflixapp and install it on a Macbook.

Netflix download on macbook
Netflixapp is only available for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

Netflix download macbook

Netflix download Macbook is not so easy, but it is possible. That means that you can just watch offline, but you will have to do something for that.

In the past, there were more options to Netflix to stream on a Macbook, but that has unfortunately changed. In addition, you will also have seen: there is no Netflixapp for Macbooks (and therefore Mac OS)

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All the apps you can download that pretend to be Netflix, are therefore not official.

Still, there are ways to Netflix to download on a Macbook. I am not specifically referring to the app, because you can of course watch in the browser, but especially the app to download movies.

Before I go further into this, first an explanation of how you Netflix can watch on a Macbook. Fortunately, that is quite simple, but you do not have all options at hand.

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1. Netflix watch on a Macbook

Do you want Netflix looking on a Macbook, then fortunately no extensive step-by-step plan is needed to get this done.

Although there is no Netflix app for Macbooks and Mac OS, you can easily go to and then log in there.

  1. Start the browser on your Macbook (Safari, Chrome or any other)
  2. Go to the site of Netflix
  3. Then click on login and start streaming. It can be that simple..

But if you want more functionality, such as watching movies and series offline, you will still need the app.

Previously there were also options to use AirPlay (via a detour) to stream to the Macbook, but that no longer works at the moment.

It is possible to Air play and Chromecast to use together, just like casting your Macbook.

2. Netflix download movies and series on Macbook

There are a number of (clumsy) ways to Netflix movies and series to download on a Macbook. This includes making a screencast of a series for viewing (offline). You do need to make a screencast first.

Do you still want to get started with this, Screencastify for Chrome is a convenient option.

The 'easiest' way to Netflix to download on Macbook is by… Yes, installing Windows.

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Windows does have an app, which you can simply download from the Windows App Store. You can then use all the functions of the app here, including downloading content.

If you already have Windows running alongside Mac OS: great, you can get started right away Netflix download macbook.

If you don't have Windows running on your Macbook yet, there are roughly two options.

  1. Install through Boot Camp Assistant. More information can be found here
  2. Choose software from, for example Parallels

If you have Windows running on your Macbook, you can continue with the steps below.

1. Open the Windows Store
2. Search here Netflix
3. Then click install

Netflix download macbook

4. Open the app and login with you Netflix-facts
5. Find a movie/series
6. Choose the download button as shown in the screenshot below

Netflix download macbook
Netflix download macbook

Voila, so you can easily watch offline on an Apple device.

Netflix on Macbook: a recommendation?

Depending on the features you want to use, you'll be fine Netflix streaming on a Macbook. If you do not want to use, for example, watching movies and series offline, then a browser is more than enough.

Whether you choose Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Brave or another browser, but really nothing at all.

If you want to use more features, installing Windows is your best option.

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