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The ultimate Netflix guide: 20 things you should definitely know

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Netflix has now become commonplace: everyone knows the streaming service. Yet there are many things that you may not know yet, or that you would like to read again. That's exactly why I'm talking about this ultimate guide Netflix have made.

Netflix: the beginning…

Netflix is not 'new', but has been around for many years. In fact, the service already existed in the last millennium, but not as streaming service. That hadn't really been invented yet.

The company once rented DVDs in a subscription form and only started offering streaming services much later. The first launch of the platform as we know it today was in 2007. It then took another six years before we could stream in the Netherlands.

I took a quick look when I got mine Netflixadventure started:

Netflix joined

And this subscription is still active, just at a slightly different price. Prices have been adjusted regularly in recent years. An up-to-date overview can be found at the Netflix subscription page.

Since you probably don't care much about the origins, number of members of the DVD service, and other useless facts from the past, here's a list of things you should know about the streaming service.

I have divided this into general information, information about prices, subscriptions how Netflix can be cheaper. Then I move on to streaming and discovering the content.

Netflix 20 things you need to know

There's a lot, a lot about it Netflix to tell. That's why I've made a list below of things you might not know. This consists of a number of facts, but also a number of useful tips to improve your viewing experience. I also added a tip on how to Netflixsubscription can be cheaper.

1. Netflix started as a DVD rental company

Netflix started as a DVD subscription service. You received new DVDs every month. The origin of the company dates back to 1997.

The switch to streaming only came in 2007, when the service was launched in the United States. The first international expansion took place in 2010, when Netflix launched in Canada.

2. Netflix spends 13,6 billion a year on its own content

You read that right, in 2021 the company gave 13,6 billion dollars on its own content, which is 13,2 billion euros. Per year!

Think of series House of Cards, Orange is the new Black and Stranger Things. A complete overview with Netflix Originals you can find it here.

The expectation is that this will charge even further in the coming years, partly because there are of course several streaming platforms that want to outdo each other.

Via: | Jade87, C.C

3. Download movies and series from Netflix

Are you on the road a lot, do you have a limited data bundle or simply don't always have access to (good) WiFi? Then it is useful to watch offline.

Downloading movies and series is the solution for this. In addition, it is possible to download a number of titles within the app, so that they can be watched offline.

However, you can only view this within the app, unfortunately it is not possible to share the video afterwards. But if you have a flight planned, always download a few episodes of your favorite series. Or that movie you wanted to watch. Useful!

Cheaper Netflix-subscription?

Are you looking for a cheaper Netflixsubscription, then there are a number of options:

View all tips here

4. Learn new languages ​​with Netflix

There are sometimes creative users of it Netflix, who see more possibilities. So is the maker of the Language Reactor Chrome extension, which makes it possible to learn a new language.

This is done by putting two languages ​​together as subtitles. For example, you can see Dutch and Spanish on the same screen, so that you master the language faster and better.

A nice addition, which I had not thought of before. Should you Netflix finished, this Chrome extension also works with YouTube.

5. Watching the same movie 352 times in one year..

If you think you've seen a certain movie many times, you're probably way off the record.

So there has been someone who has watched the film Madagascar 3 many times in a year. Very often. Sun 352 times to be precise. So that's almost every day the full movie.

You just have to be interested…

Via: | Souvik Banerjee Netflix-malfunction

Netflix subscription, price and how it can be cheaper

Over the years, prices have been regularly increased and adjusted, so below are a number of things you should know about your Netflixsubscription, the possibility and the associated costs.

In addition, I also have some tips for you how Netflix cheaper, even if you have an existing subscription.

6. The 3 Netflixsubscriptions (soon 4)

There are three different ones Netflixsubscriptions to choose from. Depending on your situation, there is always a good choice.

The subscriptions at a glance:

  • Basic (€7,99) – Standard subscription, is the cheapest and offers the entire catalog for movies and series. You can watch on one screen at a time.
  • Standard (€11,99) – The most common subscription, with full HD quality and the possibility to watch on two screens simultaneously.
  • Premium (€ 15,99) – With the most expensive subscription you can stream in 4K on four screens.

Below is a summary in a table. If you want to know more, check out our extensive Netflix Costs article.

BasicStandardPremiumWith advertising*
Price (monthly)€ 7,99€ 11,99€ 15,99?
Number of screens (simultaneous)124?
Store downloads (number of devices)123?
Stream qualitySD (480p)Full HD (1080p)4k (2160p)?
Full range of movies and series ?
Watch via TV, laptop, smartphone and tablet
* = Netflix would work on one advertising subscription. This is likely to be cheaper, but no details have been revealed yet.

7. Can be canceled monthly

Subscriptions can be canceled monthly, so you can cancel at any time. It's - bee Netflix direct – not possible to take out an annual subscription, so you get a discount.

This might be a good option, especially if you know you're going to keep watching anyway. We often see that you get one or two months free with a year, but unfortunately that is not the case here.

Netflix had a free trial month until 2020. After the increasing popularity, this has been abolished. Do you still want a month free

8. Subscription with advertisements

Netflix is working on a subscription with commercials, where you will see commercials between series and films.

This is not new, there are other streaming providers doing this as well. At the time of writing, this subscription is not yet available. The details will be announced at a later date.

In any case, it is expected that this will be the cheapest subscription and will therefore cost less than € 7,99 (looking at the current prices). How this will work in practice, what the streaming quality is and the number of devices will be revealed later.

9. Netflix cheaper: these are your options

If you want a cheaper subscription, there are a number of options you can try. Some are easy to realize, such as switching to another provider, others are more difficult. In addition, these methods are a gray area.

Anyway, so there are a number of ways to Netflix to make cheaper.

Chomecast app Netflix

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Temporary deal
Includes free videoland
  • Offer via Ziggo – The provider Ziggo has a promotion running for free for a year Netflix en Videoland will be given. More details can be found on the website.
  • Request Netflixsubscription in another country – Different rates are applied worldwide, depending on the standards in the country concerned. For example, a subscription in Turkey is much cheaper than in the Netherlands. To do this, you need a VPN and a credit card.

Netflix subscription via another country (cheaper)

If you want to pay less, you can take out a subscription in another country with the steps below. Of course completely at your own risk.

  • First, download and install the VPN (i use this one)
  • Once installed, set it to 'Turkey'
  • Then go to this one website of Netflix Turkey (this one is in English)
  • Take out a Netlfix subscription with a Turkish address
  • Part One Netflix-subscription – That is an option that still works fine now, but may be made more difficult by the company in the future. Officially, you can only share within your own household.

10. Sharing a subscription, is that allowed?

There are many, many people who Netflix parts. Maybe (or probably) you do. However, this is officially against the rules.

It is allowed to share a subscription within your household, but not with people who live at a different address. Even if this is a family song, good friend, acquaintance or other relationship.

On the official site it clearly reads that this is not allowed, but at the moment it is tolerated. However, there are trials where this is made impossible and you therefore have to pay extra for additional users who do not live at the same address.

KPN Netflix look
Via: | free stocks, C.C

11. Netflix at Ziggo and KPN

In addition to taking out a subscription directly from the websites, you also have the option to do this through your provider. In any case, Ziggo and KPN offer this.

You can read how this works in our articles Netflix Ziggo en Netflix KPN.

Netflix stream and discover

With the use of Netflix I also have some helpful tips and other things you should know. Also how to view the secret genre pages, but also a list where you can go to check the latest movies and series.

12. Netflix works on TONS of apps and devices

There are many devices where Netflix can be used on. You may also have a number of them at home without knowing that you could stream on them.

A major absentee in this list is the Nintendo Switch, it is (officially) not possible to Netflix to stream.

13. New Netflixdiscover content

It has always been difficult to discover new, fun content among all those thousands of films, series and documentaries Netflix.

In recent years they have made improvements themselves, including a better one recommendation engine where new titles are recommended based on your viewing habits. Nowadays, a 'top 10 in the Netherlands' is also shown, so that you can see what is currently popular.

In addition, many websites have jumped into this gap to publish lists of new content, where you can view all the novelties several times a month. For the Dutch market you can visit, among others and with (unofficially)

14. Most Popular Netflix movies and series around the world

Are you looking for the most popular films in Mexico, for example, or are you curious about what they stream in France? There has Netflix thought of.

With you can see exactly which films and series are popular in which country. Who knows, you can get some inspiration from here to stream.

15. Secret Codes Netflix

If you're looking for a new series to binge on, you can get completely drowned in all the options. Maybe you have a certain genre that you can get very excited about.

You can only view genres to a limited extent, but there is a trick with secret codes (sounds exciting) to view all genres in full.

You do this by going to the following URL, where you can search for the number in this one list with Netflix codes. Here you will find all the secret codes of all genres.

? ANY Netflix view genres with 'secret' codes

To view everything, choose a genre this list and copy the code that comes with it. Then go to the URL below and paste the code behind it. (in place of the XXXXXX paste the code)

So, choose and stream!

16. How fast does your internet need to be for Netflix

It's annoying when Netflix falters while streaming, so it's good to know in advance how fast your internet really needs to be in order to stream.

This is often not a problem at home, but if you are abroad on 'bad' Wi-Fi, for example, it can become an issue.

Depending on the quality you want to watch, the table below shows the minimum speeds you need to stream without hitches and delays.

QualityMinimum speed
SD (480p)1 Mbps (preferably more)
HD (720p)3 Mbps
Full HD (1080p)5 Mbps
4K (2160p)15 Mbps
These minimum are passed through Netflix recommended, but this may differ in practice.

More information can be found in our article: How fast does your internet really need to be for Netflix

17. Keyboard shortcuts for Netflix

If you often stream in the browser, i.e. on your PC or laptop, there are a number of handy shortcuts for this Netflix that make operation that little bit easier.

For example, you can fast forward or rewind 10 seconds, but also switch to full screen and there is even a button to skip the intro.

In the images below I have all Netflix shortcuts listed for you. These work on Windows, Mac OS and Chrome OS.

To be used under CC BY-NC-ND (incl. link)

18. Common Netflix Resolving problems

Netflix is a large (if not the largest) streaming service and, of course, sometimes has problems. For example, this could be a Netflix Storing are, but there are more issues that you can run into. Below are solutions to some common problems.

Of course you can run into more problems, try the search function Chromefans, we have listed many solutions for you. If you really can't figure it out, you can still do it Netflix contacts, to solve your problems with an employee.

19. Search results Netflix

Search for Netflix isn't always easy, especially if you don't know exactly what you're looking for.

It is therefore very useful to filter the results by, for example, release date. You do this in the top right corner of the search results. Exactly what this looks like depends on your device.

Netflix Subscription
Via: cottonbro (Pexels) What costs Netflix at Ziggo?

20. This is how you check yourself Netflix viewing history

Do you want to know exactly what you watched in the past period? Then it is very easy to check your viewing history.

You do this by clicking this link or to to go. Please note that you must be logged in to view this.

Even more Netflix?

In recent years I have Netflix often used, helped people with problems and gave (too) many series and movie recommendations.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments! If you run into something else, be sure to check our Netflix-category op Chromefans, you can find a lot of information there.

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