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Roblox up Chromebook: this is how you play this popular game on a Chromebook

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Roblox is an incredibly popular game, but you can also play it on a Chromebook? In this article I share exactly what the possibilities are and the Roblox on Chromebook to play. I explain step by step how to install it and then start it up. This and more in this Roblox Chromebook guide.

Roblox: immensely popular game

Roblox, officially launched in 2006, is a very popular game, especially among young players. It is a so-called MMO, a Massively Multiplayer Online. Thousands (and often many more) players from all over the world play together in an online world.

That's exactly what Roblox is - a game where you can play in virtual worlds or create them yourself. In these worlds you can do many things: whether it's decorating your house, or competing with or against other players.

In principle, Roblox can be played for free, but it is also possible to buy virtual in-game currency called Robux. You buy this with Euros or Dollars and it is converted into Robux that you can use in the game for other outfits, buildings, cars and more possibilities.

To get an idea of ​​the popularity of Roblox: in 2022, a small 45 million people will play the game every day. Those are serious numbers. It is therefore not surprising that people want to know whether Roblox is on a Chromebook works.

Roblox Chromebook
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Roblox Chromebook

Let's start with the most important question about this game:

Is Robox on a Chromebook to play? Roblox can be played on one Chromebook, which requires you to download an app from the Play Store. How this works exactly, I explain further in this article.

Now that we know you have Roblox on a Chromebook can play, I'll go on to explain exactly how this works.

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Obviously you need a working and set Chromebook where you are logged in with your Google account. This is necessary to take full advantage of the device, but also to access the Play Store, which you need to install the game.

Roblox up Chromebook
With this explanation you can install Roblox on a Chromebook, simple and fast.
Open the Play Store on your Chromebook
The Play Store can be found at the bottom of the screen, or in the so-called app drawer where all the apps are together.
Search for 'Roblox' here
In the Play Store, search for "Roblox" or click (on your Chromebook) on this link which takes you directly to the game. The Roblox logo looks like this:

Choose install
Within the Roblox page in Google Play, choose the install button. This will install the game.
Open Roblox and play on your own Chromebook
Open the Roblox app from the Play Store or your app drawer where all the apps are together!

After following this step-by-step plan, you have Roblox on Chromebook and you can get started. Of course you may have to create an account with Roblox to be able to play for real.

Roblox extension

In addition to the app that can be used on the Chromebook, it is also possible to use a Roblox extension in the Chrome browser. This makes it possible to add extra options.

It is important to know that Roblox cannot be played via the browser, so this extension provides extra options, but not that the game is playable in Chrome.

With the Roblox extension you can unlock additional features, such as:

  • Items Notifier - Get notified when items are updated or new ones are available
  • Avatar page filter bar
  • Trade notification
  • Adding dark mode to pages
  • Much more…

However, many more options are available. One of the most popular extensions is Roblox+ which adds 30 features.

You can learn more about the Roblox+ extension find here and if you want to view all options in the game (browser) you can do so via this link if you are logged in with your Roblox account.

Do you want on Roblox Chromebook play, then this extension is of no use to you, you really need the app for that as you have seen above.

Roblox extension

Gaming on one Chromebook

By now you know that Roblox can be played, but games such as Fortnite and Minecraft can also be played on one Chromebook be installed. Gaming on one Chromebook is certainly possible, sometimes with a little creativity. If you want to play more high-end games, Google Stadia is a good option, which allows you to play games such as Destiny 2, Fifa and many more popular games over the internet.

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