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Netflixsubscription sharing: is it allowed and will I be fined?

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Many people do it, but is it really allowed? A NetflixI mean share subscription. There are some changes coming and I will share them with you in this article. For example, can you get a fine? You'll know in a few minutes.

Netflixsubscription sharing: is it allowed?

Officially you are Netflix-subscription sharing with people outside your own household is not allowed. Be anyway Netflixaccounts shared en masse between friends, students, colleagues and even through online forums.

From 2023 onwards Netflix act against this, it is then no longer allowed to share accounts outside your own household.

There is then one account administrator, who is responsible for the account. It must therefore approve new devices and logins.

Each household must therefore close its own account or pay extra, so that you can no longer piggyback on someone else's account. If you still want to share the account, an additional amount may be charged.

It is determined on the basis of IP address, device ID and activity whether more than one household uses one account. A new account (and therefore subscription) must then be taken out for the other household.

If you don't want this, you will Netflix charge additional fees if the account is used in multiple locations/households.

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Netflixshare subscription
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Is Netflix sharing with others a good idea?

If you want to stick to the rules, it's not a good idea to Netflix share it with people outside your household. It was never officially allowed to you Netflixaccount outside the household, so not even in 2023.

As you understand, it is for Netflix very difficult to draw up good rules for this. That's the reason it streaming company has been struggling for several years to come up with a good solution for this.

Remember that you Netflixsubscription sharing is officially not allowed and that your account may therefore be blocked. Don't want to take any risk? Then it is best to choose none Netflixshare your account with people outside your household.


Netflixsubscription sharing: can I be fined?

Of course the question is whether you are for it Netflixsubscription sharing can be fined?

No, you will not be fined. In fact, for the time being Netflix indicated that it would not be enforced. However, new devices must be verified by the main account holder Netflix.

It then looks at things like IP address, device ID and the activities. In this way it Netflix find out if you belong to the same household.

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Which Netflixsubscription should I choose?

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What costs Netflix share account?

Okay, this is of course the question: what does it cost to you Netflix share your account outside your own household. The vague answer is, we don't know exactly. But about.

These prices have not yet been announced for the Netherlands, but we already know what you pay for other countries.

Netflix because has announced how much it costs to share accounts in e.g. Spain and Portugal.

For the Netherlands and Belgium, sharing the account outside the family costs € 3,99 per month per user.

???? Adding users to a Netflixaccount is ONLY possible with the Standard and Premium subscription. This means that you pay an extra € 3,99 per month per user.

If you want to know exactly how much it costs with a subscription, check the table below with all the details.

Netflix BasicNetflix StandardNetflix Premium
Price (monthly)€ 7,99€ 11,99€ 15,99
Number of screens (simultaneous)124
Store downloads (number of devices)12
Stream qualitySD (480p)Full HD (1080p)4K (2160p)
Sharing outside family✔ (€3,99/month)✔ (€3,99/month)
Full range of movies and series
Watch via TV, laptop, smartphone and tablet

Extra control for new devices

Netflix will additionally verify external devices that are used regularly with a given plan and are not in the same location.

They do this by sending a security code to the email address of the main account holder. This code must then be entered within 15 minutes.

Please note that the main account holder is responsible for complying with the rules with this specific account.

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Netflix sharing: this is how you give users secure access

When you choose to Netflix share with others, it is important that you pay close attention to your safety.

As an account administrator, you are responsible for the account itself, the associated account details and the financial settlement.

You work with a password and personal account information. These need to be well protected. To Netflix to share safely with other people, you can use the step-by-step plan below.

Step 1. Use a unique password that you don't use for anything else

This prevents other people from being able to access other accounts with the same password using your password.

Step 2. Let each user set their own profiles

You can go in Netflix set up multiple profiles. This prevents you from seeing each other's watch list and getting the wrong recommendations. Ask the people you are with Netflix so always shares to create their own profile.

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Step 3. Agree to respect each other's privacy (or secure your profile with a PIN code)

It's tempting to poke around other people's profiles and see their preferences. Still, this is not neat. People have a right to privacy.

So agree that you will not poke around on each other's profiles, but only use your own profile.

Do you not fully trust each other? Or do you want to be on the safe side? Then secure your profile with a pin code.

This means that you only have access to your own profile and you don't have to worry that others will poke around in it. You can add a pin code via the following step-by-step plan:

  1. In the web browser, go to
  2. Click on the menu at the top right
  3. Click Account
  4. Open the settings for Profile and parental controls
  5. Change the settings for Profile lock
  6. Enter your password for confirmation
  7. Vink Set PIN code at
  8. Enter a four-digit PIN
  9. Click Save

Step 4. Make agreements about who watches when (or expand your subscription)

Some subscriptions Netflix know the limitations of only having two or three screens at a time Netflix can watch. This means that other people belonging to your account cannot access it at that time Netflix.

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Does this cause stress or tension? Then choose to either expand your subscription (so you can watch at the same time), or make clear agreements about who can watch and when. Netflix looks.

So checks Netflix whether you share an account outside your household

By now you know that sharing your Netflixaccount outside the household is not allowed. We now know how Netflix going to check this.

This is done based on IP address, device ID and account activity. If deviations are detected here, additional verification will be required.

If the device is used regularly on the (Wi-Fi) network of the account owner, no additional verification is required. If this is the case, a code will be sent to the account owner, which must be entered within 15 minutes.

If someone does not log into the account owner's (wifi) network within 31 days, they must be verified again. If this occurs repeatedly, additional costs will be charged.

In summary, that is the following

  • Check based on IP address, device ID and account activity - Netflix keeps track of this information and checks whether it matches the account owner
  • Additional verification – If this is not the case, an additional verification is required. A code will then be sent to the account owner, which will be entered within 15 minutes.
  • Every 31 days – If there is no streaming on the (WiFi) network of the account owner within 31 days, a new verification must take place
  • Pay extra – If this occurs regularly, it may be that extra has to be paid for it Netflix share account.

Netflix share because it's too expensive otherwise? These are the alternatives

Netflix has seen increasing competition in recent years. It is still the largest streaming service in the world, but also one of the most expensive.

Users notice this and that's one of the reasons they get one Netflixshare subscription. After all, this is a lot cheaper than everyone closing their own account.

During the announcement of the figures for Q4 2022, Netflix indicated in the first quarter 'to act against the sharing of Netflixaccounts'. About 100 million accounts are shared worldwide.

They share more about this in the Q4 shareholder report.

Disney+ alternative after netflix to cancel
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Do you think Netflix also on the expensive side, but you don't want one Netflixshare subscription? And do you want to keep streaming in the meantime?

Then take a look at alternative streaming services. For example, Amazon Prime is the cheapest streaming service at the moment and also offers Disney + excellent value for money with a wide range of popular feature films and timeless comedy series.

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You now know all about the rules and guidelines of your Netflixshare subscription. Know more about Netflix and streaming in general? Check out the following articles and get inspired:

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