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Videoland subscription: price and how it can be cheaper

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Videoland is among the most popular streaming services in the Netherlands. At Videoland you can watch movies and series from both home and abroad. You will also find a range of current television programs in it Videoland subscription, including Hollands Got Talent, Jinek and Lego Masters.

Thanks to the combination of films, series and television, Videoland a popular choice among consumers. But what is the price of one Videoland subscription? And how can you do it as cheaply as possible Videoland to look? On this page you will find an answer to all these questions and more. You can then decide for yourself whether a Videoland taking out a subscription is a good idea.

Which subscriptions are there and what costs Videoland?

Om Videoland to watch, you need a subscription to this streaming service. You can choose from several subscriptions, each of which has its own benefits and prices. At the time of writing, the following subscription types are available:

  • Videoland Basic
  • Videoland Read more
  • Videoland Premium

Below you will find an explanation of what these subscriptions entail and you will discover which subscription is right for you.


Videoland Basic

Videoland Basic is the cheapest Videoland subscription. With this subscription you can watch movies, series and programs, but with commercials. Also, you can only watch on one device at a time and it is not possible to download videos and watch them offline. The monthly subscription is very cheap. You only pay 4.99 euros for this subscription type.

Videoland Basis is the best choice when you:

  • Want to spend as little money as possible on a subscription
  • Lives alone or does not find it necessary to travel with your roommates at the same time Videoland to watch with one subscription
  • Don't have a problem with commercials that appear every now and then

Videoland Read more

Choose you Videoland Plus, you can watch movies, series and television without commercials. You can also watch on two devices at the same time, what this Videoland subscription ideal for couples, roommates and families.

Do you also want it on the go or in the gym Videoland to look? Then this subscription offers the possibility to download videos and watch them offline. The monthly amount for Videoland Plus is at 8.99 euros.

Videoland Plus is the best choice when you:

  • Don't want to see commercials, but also don't want to pay too much for your subscription
  • Would like to watch videos with a roommate on different screens at the same time

Videoland Premium

Videoland Premium is the most comprehensive Videoland current subscription. You can also watch movies, series, and television programs for free with this variant.

You can use up to four devices at the same time Videoland and you can also use the download function. The rate for Videoland Premium is 10,99 euros per month.

Videoland Premium is the best choice if you:

  • Don't mind paying a little more for all the features
  • Videoland want to watch at the same time with several housemates
  • Want to take advantage of all the functionalities that Videoland has to offer
Street: Chromefans. Nl

Similarities and differences between Videolandsubscriptions

Below you will find an overview of the main differences and similarities of the three Videolandsubscriptions. You can choose which one based on that Videoland subscription suits you best.

BasicRead morePremium
Price per month€ 4,99€ 8,99€ 10,99
Number of screens at the same time124
Watch without ads
Download and watch offline

How can you go cheaper Videoland to look?

There are several ways to go cheaper Videoland to watch. Sometimes there are promotions and offers and sometimes there are other opportunities that you can take advantage of. Below you will find a handy overview.

1. Free 14-day trial

Do you want Videoland try it without paying for it? Then you can take out a free trial subscription of 14 days.

You will then have two weeks to discover whether Videoland fits you. To start this trial period, you pay a verification fee of 0.01 eurocent.

Your trial subscription will automatically be converted into a paid subscription after two weeks, so if Videoland If you don't like it, make sure you cancel the trial subscription in time.

Did you forget to cancel your trial subscription? Then a one-month notice period applies. If you still want to cancel your subscription afterwards, it is important to do this as soon as possible. You can close the trial period via the website Videoland or via your media box.

2. Black Friday Deal (Videoland subscription offer)

Every year there is a Black Friday deal Videoland. There is a maximum number of discount promotions during this period, so be quick, because in some cases the promotion will be discontinued before November 29.

This discount promotion can be redeemed via the website of Videoland.

The discount deal offers you the opportunity to Videoland Basic watch for only 2.99 euros per month for a period of six months. After these six months have passed, this amount will be increased to 4.99 euros per month.

As an existing customer Videoland is it not possible this Videoland to close a subscription. So you really need to be a new customer to benefit from this discount promotion. You can also watch for free for 14 days with the Black Friday Deal via the trial subscription. As a result, you pay even less for the first month.

Please note that during the six-month discount period you will not be able to upgrade your subscription to without consequences Videoland Plus or Videoland Premium. If you make this choice, the discount will expire and you will immediately pay the full price for your new subscription.

3. Watch free for a year via Ziggo (also for Netflix!)

When you take out a Ziggo subscription, you can take advantage of a discount promotion that gives you free access for no less than a year Videoland en Netflix looks.

This expires through a discount promotion where you will receive a welcome gift worth 250 euros. This offer is valid for customers who choose an internet + TV package. This even applies to customers who already have Videoland of Netflix have.

Also read all about it Videoland KPN

4. Videoland share subscription

It is also possible to get one Videoland share your subscription with someone who does not belong to your family or housemates. You then simply log in to the same account and share the subscription costs. This can save a lot of money, especially if you make good agreements about who pays what.

you can on Videoland create up to five profiles. A big advantage of this is that you Videoland can be configured entirely according to your own wishes via your own profile. You can compile your own viewing list and see exactly where you left off watching movies, series and television programs.

Create profile via your laptop or desktop

You can easily create this profile on your computer by following these steps:

videoland-make a profile
Below you will find a step-by-step plan to make your own Videolandprofile on the computer.
Open the website of Videoland
You can find this website at
Click the profile icon in the top right
Just click and go to step 3.
Click on '+ Add Profile'
Simple right? On to step 4.
Select the age category
You can connect a profile for adults, but also a profile for children aged 0-6 and children aged 6-9.
Enter your personal data
You can optionally choose to protect your profile with a password. This way no one has access to your viewing list and you can watch your guilty pleasures in complete privacy 😉
Choose a color for your avatar
Nice gimmick, don't you think?
Click on 'Create profile'
After this you are ready to Videoland to watch. Have fun!

Create profile via your smartphone or tablet

It is also possible for you Videolandprofile can be created via smartphone or tablet. In that case you can follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Videolandapp on your smartphone or tablet
  2. Click the profile icon at the bottom right
  3. Under 'Profiles', click '+ New'
  4. Select the correct age category
  5. Enter your personal data
  6. If necessary, opt for protection with a password
  7. Choose your desired avatar color
  8. Click on 'Create profile'

And There you go, you can watch movies, series and television programs through a shared Videoland subscription.

Discount code on discount websites

There are dozens of discount codes circulating on the internet that allow you to buy a cheap one Videoland could take out a subscription.

These discount codes are distributed via discount websites that are not always reliable. You are free to try these discount codes yourself, but keep in mind that these codes generally do not work.

Is Videoland the cheapest streaming service?

There are many streaming services available today. But which one is actually the cheapest? We can already tell you that one Videoland subscription is not the cheapest option at the moment.

That honor goes to Amazon Prime. Also the well-known streaming service Disney+ is cheaper than Videoland. Yet it is Videoland certainly not the most expensive option either. For example, it is cheaper than Netflix en Viaplay.

Not sure which streaming service is right for you? View the following options for more information:

  • Disney + - Everything of Disney, Marvel and more. And that for a very competitive price.
  • Amazon Prime – Streaming service from Amazon with a variety of exclusive titles, including Rings of Power.
  • sky show time – Lots of good quality content
  • HBO Max – Lots of strong content, including Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon.
  • Pathé Home – No monthly subscription possible, but you can watch the latest movies.
  • Ziggo Movies and Series – The Ziggo video service with a wide range of series and films.
  • ViaPlay – Especially popular because you can watch Formula 1 there, but this streaming service also offers a lot of other content.

If you can't figure it out, we recommend that you at least add a 14-day trial subscription Videoland to close. You then watch completely free for two weeks and can test extensively whether Videoland something for you. We wish you lots of viewing pleasure!

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